At a time when the world is engaged in an expedition of creating a greener tomorrow by means of eco-friendly products and renewable energy, the people themselves seem to have felt the pulse of man-made anthropogenic disasters. Today, the nature has started to reciprocate in such a manner that people have paused to sit and think of a way to recover an environment that has gravely suffered destructive human activities. After all, many of the natural catastrophes are direct results of human actions, either intentional or impulsive. The people of today have finally fathomed the realities of life, that to lead a good life, he or she should co-exist with the environment and preserve the limited resources for the future generations.


Events that lead to modern green living are perhaps the outcome of human activities practiced centuries ago. Plastic, pesticides, fossil fuels etc...were invented for the convenience of people and not to endanger their lives.


But  the cons of using them; polluting water bodies, soil and air by contributing to global warming. In the natural process, these materials are absorbed by soil, air and water, they are then passed on to trees and vegetables consumed by people and animals The chain of destruction we cause to nature therefore is an endless cycle.


Operating  worldwide, we can offer advanced solar and ecologic products assuring quality to our growing number of long term partners . We expect to be considered by our customers as  their non-stop competitive partner. Since its foundation the company has remained faithful to innovative product range offering always the latest and most advanced technologies, establishing its reputation for having an extensive knowledge in technology, logistics, sales and distribution issues within sector.


ATLANTS 100% European owned and leading global company offers products and solutions using the most advanced technology, eco friendly . Since more than 20 years, the company sells to importers, wholesalers, installers and retail chains. As manufacturer with long experience, ATLANTS ensures superb value for its partners - customers and suppliers - through a clear focus on sustainable  products using renewable energies and environmental friendly . Always offering an added value, latest technology,  and also professional installation services to overseas importers when required


The company has therefore become a favourite partner for that products. This is reflected through its long-standing customer relationships, built on mutual understanding and respect.Additionally to our products WE ALSO OFFER SPECIAL SERVICES:


Direct Shipping : Save transport & handling costs. We can deliver direct to your customers without any reference to ourselves as the sender, allowing you to insert your name on the documents .


Distribution - Through a highly developed logistic system and a long partnership with shipping companies we are able to offer tailor-made transportation. Thanks to our highly-developed shipping system and wide range products , our clients can cover a wide market share covering almost any local needs.


A local PARTNER - Thank to our long experience and staff,  we ensure that we have a detailed knowledge of many markets. Irrespective of where you are located you should see us as your most competitive supplier


Employing a growing number of professional in its headquarters in Spain. The professional staff translates the firm's high standards into business value for customers. This is why the company is one of the most successful worldwide companies in our industry today.